Ouroboros Saga: The 7 Golden (Pure) Vampires

A Vampire is a creature that was once a mortal highborn. They dwell out of sight in the shadows scheming and manipulating everything their influence touches to survive. Vampires are immortal creatures but must feed on the Aether within fresh blood in order to replenish the seal upon their Soul Gate, which is the source of their immortality. Failure to do so will weaken the seal until it breaks then they will turn to stone and die. Being immortal a vampire can endure virtually any injury, however the process uses up Aether that they store to rejuvenate their seal. It is for this reason that Vampires typically avoid direct conflict with their enemies, preferring instead to use puppets to fight for them. However a Vampire is a fierce opponent because if they drink the blood of a mage they will know every spell they knew, combine that with their own magical knowledge and you have one of the most powerful creatures to every stalk Midgard.

1. The Demiurge 400 years ago a famed Alchemist from the far eastern city of Anubis sought to create a Philosopher’s Stone, which was said to produce drinkable gold that would grant immortality to the drinker. In his years of study he eventually came upon procedure to manufacture such a substance. Eventually he created a Chalice that turn any liquid into this drinkable gold. However when he drank the Chalice contents he was cursed. Insatiable bloodlust raged through his body until it found his Soul Gate and sealed it, thus he was granted immortality but not the one he’d been looking for. That night he massacred hundreds in order to satiate his overwhelming hunger for blood, that night he became the first Vampire.

As a Vampire he sought to continue his research into the Philosopher Stone in hopes of perfecting it and curing his vampirism. Years past and he was met with failure after failure, he eventually started believe that he had created the true Philosopher Stone and that he had created true immortality. He granted himself the title of Demiurge and then sought out worthy individuals to bestow his immortality on.

The Demiurge’s true motive is to witness the birth of the next Sage. 400 years ago he believed he had discovered that the Philosopher’s Stone was what gave the Sages their power, as revealed by Hermes the First Sage. His reason for creating a Philosopher’s Stone was to artificially bring a Sage into being, as a Sage can only naturally appear when the world was in need. With this realisation he set about creating his Cult of Eternity to sow discord and despair in the world until the Sage appeared and use him/her to create a perfect Philosopher’s Stone.