Wayward Souls – Concept Outline

It was a time of war and genocide. The country of Bujin and declared war and the neighbouring nations of the Shang empire. In one of the many raids on unsuspecting villages, a single gunshot would set in motions events that would change the world forever.

After years of conflict the two nations called an uneasy truce, this led opened the door for bandits and mercenaries to take contracts from both sides. Amidst the chaos a small band of misfits known as the Ronin have taken a contract to protect a caravan of peasants fleeing a marauding horde of ruffians.

Among the peasants is a monk who is known as Master Psych, he claims to have passing through when he came across the caravan. Before introductions could be completed the caravan comes under attack from the aforementioned ruffian horde. The Ronin put up a valiant defence, slaying several of the assailants. However the ruffians begin overwhelm the Ronin and soon start attacking the caravan, until Master Psych enters the fray. He effortlessly incapacitates (he doesn’t kill them) every ruffian that attempts the attack the peasants.

Thanks to Psych’s intervention the ruffians are soon put to flight. The peasants attempt to execute the captured ones but Master Psych convinces them not to lower themselves to senseless murderers like their assailants.


Hand of God

Curtis Allen is a College student with a crush on the beautiful but incredibly shy Mary Ashford. After he finally plucks up the courage to ask her out she panics as she doesn’t know how to respond and runs away. Tragedy strikes when Mary dies after being run over and Curtis is overcome with grief, then a miracle happens. Curtis awakens in a hospital bed with several broken bones and Mary sobbing at his bedside. Curtis does not remember how he got there but Mary tells him he pushed her out of the way of a speeding car and took the hit himself. Mary tells Curtis she will go out with him when he recovers but Curtis cannot shake this uneasy feeling that something is wrong.

Curtis begins to wonder if he committed suicide and is in the afterlife but all of his friends and teachers are alive and well. In his dreams he has strange visions of a glass world slowly breaking apart and decides to blog about them. He then discovers that there have been thousands of people all over the world and throughout history who have had similar visions. All of these people attest the visions occurring around the miraculous recovery or near death experience of a loved one. But just who or what is moving behind the scenes altering events and what is its connection to the dreams?

This idea is meant for a feature length film which could be live action or animated. If it were to be animated I would see as an opportunity to tell a more mature story using the medium of animation.

This film is a fantasy drama, with the characters everyday lives being altered by some supernatural presence and how it’s affecting them.

The Devil I wrote

Troubled writer Edward Burton is the midst of a deep depression brought on by years of his work never being published. However his latest novel in which a god like entity called Mr L systematically destroys the lives of several people by exploiting their personal weaknesses, gets published and everything seems to change in his favour.

Everything seems to going fine until Edward’s close family and friends begin experiencing unusual phenomenon similar to the actions of Mr L. It soon becomes apparent that something is moving the universe itself to torment Ed and those close to him, he decides to investigate and soon discovers a terrifying truth. Mr L has left the pages of the book and come into the real world to destroy his creator.