160MC Editing process

After the footage was all shot Asen and Meddy took the reigns. We discussed the ideas for the shots and what editing techniques we could use to achieve them. Asen initially had trouble overlaying certain videos in order to achieve the desired results. We went to Spencer in order to seek advice on how to fix our dilemma. He showed Asen how make the effect work and we were able to press forward with the Editing. I suggested moving the line where my mother speaks about living her life over again to the beginning in order to set the tone for our documentary. We used the nature footage in attempt to reinforce the spiritual nature of the Tarot cards, as spirituality in the UK is commonly associated with Nature thanks to religions like Wicca and Druidism.

Asen contemplated inserting a soundtrack into the documentary, to heighten the mood of some of the shots.Upon exploring the Ellen Terry building we discovered a room with music creation equipment, Asen wanted to use them to create his soundtrack. Unfortunately  the equipment was off limits to us without the consent of one of our tutors. This is something to keep in mind for future projects.

160MC Shooting Process

Before we started shooting I booked the the room ET2.22 for Friday the 14th and my mother signed the consent form. For the project I provided Asen and Meddy with templates for the Shot list, Call Sheet, Shooting Schedule and Storyboard. I drew some rough sketches for some shots that we planned to use in the documentary.

Meddy and Asen planned the majority of shots and asked me to conduct the majority interview as it was believed that as her son my mother would be most comfortable speaking to me. As the interview progressed Franklin took over the interview as he was better suited to the task than I. He was far more interested in the subject of the Tarot and asked fresh questions that provided far more in depth answers. After the interview was concluded Asen and Meddy discussed the need for some footage of nature, I stepped in and told them that I could provide such footage as I lived next to a woodland area.

On sunday I took my flip video camera out and recorded some panning shots of the woodland and open fields that we could use in our documentary. Later that night on Facebook Asen and I discussed obtaining footage of Tarot cards for our project. My mother allowed me to borrow her deck of Tarot cards and I took with me to university on monday to film them with Asen.


Here is the paperwork that was conducted for our 160MC people to people.

160MC Paperwork

I know the consent forms are upside down. I don’t know how to fix that unfortunately.

My Poetic Eyes Reflection

I learned to construct a Haiku during my Creative Writing Ad+vantage module. When we learned that we were that we were creating a poem I decided to utilise this technique. A Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry that built upon 3 lines with a set number of syllables each. The first and third line must have five syllables and the second line must have 7 syllables.

This project has taught to me about the importance of being expressive of my views through the media. This can be seen in my Haiku which revolved around my anti-religious views. 9/11 was is an event that shocked the world, it was also partly religiously motivated. It shows how religion can drive people to perform untold of acts of savagery upon others, as stated by Christopher Hitchens “it can be stated as truth that religion does not, and in the long run cannot, be content with its own marvellous claims and sublime assurances. It must seek to interfere with the lives of nonbelievers” (Hitchens 2007) I wanted to show this fact to people. I am proud of the the words I used where I put man before god and how we should criticise religion for its crimes.


Hitchens, C. (2007) GOD IS NOT GREAT. London: Atlantic Books.

160MC Primary Research

For the People 2 People project my group decided to use my mother as the basis for the story. During the christmas holiday I asked her questions about her life so that I could create a picture for a narrative. What stood out was her memories of her childhood and how she felt something was missing despite living a relatively happy life. When the conversation turned to the subject of the tarot cards I knew I had a potential story, she talked about they made her more spiritual and appreciate what she had. of course I interpreted that as someone trying to fill a void inside with smoke and mirrors.

The Tarot cards each possess an image that has a meaning for the reader to interpret on their own. With meanings left up interpretation I couldn’t help but see a potential facade. The Tarot’s

1 Minute Poem (Haiku): The Towers of Babel

Here is my 1 minute Haiku. Before anyone watches this bare in mind that I bare no ill will towards any religious people my Hatred is reserved for the concept God and his various incompatible teachings that lead otherwise good people to do the most despicable things.


cartoonartist1 (2007) Remembering The Twin Towers [online] available from <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pkw8nK2z9rg> [29 January 2014]

JediJesseS (2010) Christopher Hitchens – The Best of the Hitchslap [online] available from <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQorzOS-F6w> [29 January 2014]

Sean Maguire (2013) Pressure [online] available from <https://vimeo.com/78723758&gt; [29 January 2014]

30 second slide reel-Treatment

For the 30 second reel featuring the person we intended to make our short documentaries about, I chose to incorporate pictures of my mother interwoven with the tarot cards that she frequently uses. The reason I incorporated the Tarot is because they will play an integral part of the short film’s content and to reflect this in the depictions of my mother.

For the documentary on my mother I want to explore the relationship that she shares with the Tarot cards and why she believes that they will determine her future. In terms of content I figure that I could use the images on the tarot cards to illustrate any relevant points that either myself or my mother bring up during the documentary. Tarot cards are very open to interpretation with inherent meanings so this grants me a lot of creative freedom when incorporating them into the documentary. For instance I could use the Empress card to represent my mother as the Empress card is associated with motherhood and fertility. There is also a lot lighting techniques that could incorporate, with my mother searching for a happiness I could illustrate this with dim lighting to represent emptiness.

Can I make a film about you?

For this project I want to create a short film about my mother. She explained that she lived a content life as a child but came to realise that she was not entirely happy. One of her interests is tarot card reading which is said to determine one’s destiny and personality. My interpretation of this activity is her searching for the happiness that will fill the void that was left by her childhood. I could use images of tarot cards to illustrate her personal quest for self-fulfilment. This will make a very interesting documentary as we look into her life.