Personal Evaluation CW2

This module has had a lot of ups and downs for me as I have struggled to focus my ideas to form a cohesive narrartive for my final major project. I initially wanted my project to explore the world of cosplay. Granted I did not have a solid enough foundation with this idea yet and this it where Dom came in and suggested that I look into Subcultures. Over the holiday my ideas continually conflicted between two separate ideas and I had no way to properly ground them. This hurt my work in the long run where I was still in the R&D phase when I should have been working on other things such as the presentation and even with an extension it was still difficult. I find this to be the most disappointing element of my coursework 2 that if not for the holiday break I believe could have rectified. I need to work refining my ideas on my own in future so that they don’t snowball out of control and become detrimental to future works.


I have managed to reach out to several sources to potentially contribute to my film and I‘ve gotten replies, which has served to lift my confidence in areas that previously I would have struggled with. I’m finding it easier to reach to others and arrange things with although I still seek advice when wording messaged and emails. Overall I feel that Course Work 2 has been a mixed bag that could have been better if I had managed my research better although my Primary Research was I feel far better than in Course work 1. I managed to arrange interviews with cosplayers that have agreed to contribute to final major project when it comes time to work on it. I really just need to work on refining my ideas so that I can develop a clear narrative goal and work towards it.


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