FMP Proposal Evaluation

The proposal I produced for CW2 was unfortunately a victim of circumstance during its creation. I was working on my 305MC Essay at the same time and the proposal ultimately suffered because of it. If I had the chance to do it again I would definitely iron out the concept for my FMP as that this piece doesn’t accurately reflect the idea that I am going for in enough detail. Also I most certainly won’t call it the Genealogy of Cosplay because then the thing would be over 3 hours long before even getting to the early 2000’s. This shows my 305MC work was spilling over into 360MC in a bad way and ideas were getting muddled together.


The use of still images from MCM Birmingham Comic con was meant as an illustration of points initially but I never intended for them to be the sole exposure of the community, I would have liked to include some moving images. However this is something that I can incorporate into my FMP. I also want to stop using my laptop recording devices for sound and video due to its poor quality in comparison to proper equipment. All these things were results of time constraint I feeling at the time due 305MC essay. I feel that I need to learn to manage my time efficiently in the future so that my work can live up to its true potential.


I Eventually managed to speak with Dom who confirmed what I had suspected and advised me on how I can structure the narrative of my documentary around the journey of the cosplayer from costume creation, to community, to convention and explore the human element behind it through the contributor’s own words. This more focussed narrative would allow me to express the ideas more clearly than what I was struggling with before.


Overall I started out very confused with what aspect of the fan culture I felt I should focus on but now I have a much clearer vision for my Final Major Project and I believe that I will be able to see it through to the very end.


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