360MC Reflection (SUBMISSION)

The first thing I will take away the 360mc is my development in broadening my research skills. I learned that it is important to examine as many sources on a subject as possible so as to expand my perspective and verify preconceived notions on it (if any). In doing so I discovered several outlets for my passion for narrative structure and characterisation that could have been implemented.

I found the best way to inspire myself to progress was to base my artefacts on things that I am passion about. As an aspiring screenwriter it would be absolutely vital for me to discover as much information in regards to a given subject as possible before I put pen to paper. I’ve found that inspiration stems from the more the research you do, this in turn leads to more avenues opening up for more creative work.

When faced with so much information the challenge I came across was finding the appropriate method to convey the subject creatively. For example artefact 3 could have had more visuals as opposed to text and structured more like a narrative. This made me realise that I need to develop more creative methods to convey my ideas and find a balance between research and the creative process to achieve the results I desire.

One of my biggest weaknesses on this module was primary research as I struggled to find individuals who I thought could contribute to artefacts. In hindsight I’ve become aware of several strategies that I could have employed to better my primary work. For example in 2nd artefact I could played off the stigma of wrestling being fake and interacted with everyday people to find out their perceptions of the sport, I feel that could have made the artefact more effective.

Going forward I would like to make use of sitdown interviews in the vein of Michael Moore documentaries and actively participate in the subject that I am making the film about. I believe this would enhance the execution of my work as I would be bringing a much more personal experience into it, which would better my creative delivery to the audience.

In future I can see myself incorporating these techniques into my FMP. I would like to gain more experience in networking so that I would have a number of primary sources that I can easily get in contact with. I also need to learn to streamline my work so that the result creative expression of an idea as opposed to presentation of an idea. Comparing Artefacts 2 and 3 is good example of what I mean; 2 expresses the passion I feel for the subject, 3 doesn’t. I feel trying to explain the idea literally as opposed to poetically.


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