Artefact 1: Its my Choice

For this 1st artefact I will be about a Pregnant woman who is being pressured by her Boyfriend into having an abortion.

The idea for the story came something I thinking about recently and so using the top 10 tips for making Flash Fiction especially “Actually, it’s more like a half a scene, or even a quarter scene. There’s not enough room to tell the character’s life story. One setting, one moment, one change. What is the most important change that occurs in the character’s story? That is her defining moment, and that is what the scene must focus on.” (King, 2010)

Disclaimer: I was presented with an oppurtunity to talk to someone who had gone through such an experience however I simply couldn’t bring myself to engage with such a personal and sensitive issue, with what would have been primary source. I’m sorry I couldn’t find a tasteful way to ask such questions.

Presented here are a series of quotes from forums where women talk openly about their experiences regarding this topic.

Basically, i told him i wouldn’t have an abortion and he left me. He said if i shared his dream i’d have 20 abortions if that’s what it took for us to have a future together.

He says, if you don’t like who i am, leave. i say i’ll just leave then and he goes mad with affection! But i know that will end if the baby arrives and still no solution…well, he’ll make the solution, he will leave.

my boyfriend says exactly the same. that its not what he wants. that he wanted the perfect house, with good schools near by. that where not financially ready. he’s 37 and still wont commit untill he has all his plans in place.

my boyfriend still turned around and said he didnt want me to have her. he left me when i was 12 weeks, i came home one day to find out he had moved out and left a note saying to leave him alone. few weeks later he got in touch and said he would only come back if i didnt continue the pregnancy.

i think a lot of men have little emotional attachment to the baby when you are pregnant. It is a lot easier for them just to carry on regardless and ignore the situation

my pregnancy was unplanned and when i to;d my partner he was happy then 2 weeks later he started saying we couldent afford the baby and to have an abortion listing all sorts of exscuses why we shouldent have the baby he accused me of getting pregnant on pupose and that i had planned it he was distant and it didnt help that i kept bleeding so was stressing out more i did say to him i would do it bymyself.

I got pregnant at 16 and everyone around me was saying to get rid the dad even had his mates tell me they would beat it out of me and majority of my friends dissapeared.

With these I intend to bring my own kind of narrative.


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