When I started this module I knew I wanted to explore the ideas of fiction and how it affects us as individuals, I believed that fantasy be it fiction and/or the romanticism of the truth could influence in profound for good or for ill. However this did not truly dawn on me until after completing the summer task for this module wherein I created a video about something that interested me. In the video I used a clip from the Hogfather that I believe illustrates my thoughts on the relation between fiction and us.

Humans need fantasy

This inspired me to explore what fantasy meant to individuals and it encouraged any ideas that they hold dear. I knew I wanted to shoot the documentary in the same style as Michael Moore because I believe his participatory style is very good at engaging with the audience, as he gets involved it feels we’re involved.


The most difficult thing for me was finding someone not from the university to interview for the documentary. I found it difficult to reach out beyond my circle of friends to find like-minded individuals, which I feel may have hurt my documentary.


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