I started filming relatively early with my flip video camera, these shots were meant as a intro that would set the tone for the documentary, although in hindsight I wish that I had reshot these scenes with my Cannon 700D camera due to the grain effect in the footage. For this individual project I was assigned to work Nawaz Noah Shelkh whom would provide technical support with his equipment whilst I arranged everything else. When it came time to shoot the interview Noah really helped with getting good answers from our character as he really connected with him and really allowed him to open up as opposed to my more formal questioning. From this I’ve learned the importance of being loose when interviewing characters and try to connect with them personally to get the best answers from them.

In hindsight I wish that I could have booked more recordings of the anime society as I don’t the documentary represents them as much as it could and I wish I could have gotten more footage from the MCM Birmingham comic con as there was so much there that could have worked in the documentary but didn’t think to record them in except hindsight.



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