The film begins with blank screen and a voice begins asking the audience a question, “What is the significance of our fantasies?” Cut to a sit down interview mid shot with an interviewee answering the question. Part way through the answer footage will be shown of the anime society members during one of the sessions for illustrative purposes, I will be sure to avoid showing any copyrighted material. Cut to a mid shot of myself giving my own answer to the question and elaborating on the subject of the documentary, This leads into a set up for the interview with Locky (My character for this documentary). Locky Birch is a post graduate student and a former commitee member of the anime society, as such he has a long standing history with the medium in tandem with his own professional interests. it would be interesting to investigate how anime and/or fiction in general affects him personally, then compare his views with my own to paint a broad picture of how fantasy affects different people in different ways. There will be a sit down interview with Locky that also include myself in some panning shots between the two during the questions and answers (Very much like Michael Moore’s interview with Marilyn Manson in Bowling for Columbine). During the interview there will be footage from the anime society meetings to serve as illustration of the subject matter as explained in the beginning of the treatment. After the interview there will be some closing thoughts from myself reflecting on what has been said during the interview.


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