Weekly Task 2 Raging Bull Analysis

The film I chose for this week’s task was Raging Bull directed Martin Scorcesee. What struck about the cinematography of this film was that the camera was often in motion following the characters around and jumping between shots quickly, it was only still during conversations between characters, this was often accompanied by a sense of tension considering the context of the scenes. This method really elevates the scenes where it is used because you don’t know when the characters might explode. An example would be the scene where Jake is questioning his brother about whether he slept with his wife.


I could use this method for my documentary in the following way. Use a lot of illustrative imagery but have it in motion constantly shifting shots and moving the camera to provide the widest breadth possible to visually reinforce the context of my point. This style can be seen in Michael Moore’s documentaries as he interacts with his subject matter from both a first person perspective (i.e actively getting involved with the subject) and third person perspective (i.e using other’s experiences and speaking over them). 3rd person is where the camera is very active with shots and positioning and first person is still.


One thought on “Weekly Task 2 Raging Bull Analysis

  1. Very good work, good to see the analysis and its impact on your own approach. Look into the Cinema Verite movement in more detail.

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