Transmedia Storytelling

Through the various forms of media that have evolved over the years the audience has been able to get closer to their favourite programs and films and the content is no longer limited to a single form of media. In the case of our magazine shows we would use social media as resources to connect with audiences outside of the program itself.

What I mean by this is the Internet has, through services like Youtube, Twitter and Facebook, allowed the audience access to media outside of its original format. For example when Peter Jackson started work on the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Trilogies he started a series of vlogs on Youtube (Jackson n.d) that allowed fans to follow the film through its production all the way until they hit the cinemas.

Another form of this practice can be seen with the various Magazine shows like the One Show and The Last Leg which have segments on their shows dedicated to asking the audience to directly interact with them through social media, like in the case of the One Show, it’s page on the BBC website is asking the audience to provide them material with which to feature on their program (BBC n.d).

For DLC we used social media to allow our potential audience to interact with us when we asked to send us reply’s to a question using a Twitter hashtag.  We also created a Twitter page for show, which gave a presence online for our audience to follow and stay up to date with information regarding the show.

BBC (2014) The One Story: Send your stories [online] available from <; [23 May 2014]

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