Professional Development Reflection

For the 161MC module I have created an online identity for myself by connecting my blog work to various online social media services such as Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo and WordPress. I created a brand image that can seen across all the social media that I use be it Facebook or WordPress, this serves to unify all the media under the umbrella of my brand so that my work can identified across the various social mediums and keep potential consumers informed. An example of this can be found in the fact that I use both Youtube and Vimeo to post my Videos. The reason for this is because although Vimeo is a more professional website Youtube has a much larger user base so there’s more chances that my videos get seen. Also the audiences of the two respective sites are very different. Vimeo is a website by short filmmakers and individuals who work within the film industry so their primary focus will be creative film making. Youtube on the other hand is a far more social website that reaches millions but the majority of the users are less concentrated on films.

The experience carried over into this task when creating an online presence for our tv show. Using the WIX website we are able to create a webpage dedicated to showcasing DLC tv and connected it to the various aforementioned social media sites and others. In this day and age every major program on television will have a website dedicated to it to allow fans access to the project outside of the broadcast time and spread awareness of it at the same time.

For this project we created a Facebook group called Team Philip, which is where we planned all our meetings and shared information with each other. In hindsight I believe this system worked very well for what we did. Facebook allowed us to share information quickly and efficiently without the need to painstaking send the same information to all group members individual email addresses. It also operates much like a conversation in that we can see what everyone has said which you don’t get with emails.

However a problem that potentially could have occurred is that if too much information was posted at once some of it could become lost in the shuffle with the most recent posts pushing the others down the screen which runs the risk of missing vital information with how Facebook’s system works (However unlikely that may be).

In future we should use something with a file system that we can use to share vital information like links to websites and videos, and important paperwork like consent forms and risk assessments.

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