My Personal Development

At the beginning of this project we were required to decide the subject that our magazine show would cover, we eventually settled on the category of weird & wonderful. Fandoms of super heroes and other fantastical stories were chosen as the basis for the show, this decision was partly influenced by the fact that MCM Birmingham Comi-Con was coming up and I was attending, I was not alone in this endeavour as Re’ay was present as well although she had no intention to enter the convention.

I was tasked with collecting footage for a VT, although the footage that I did acquire was of poor quality and was not used in the show. The reason for this may have been due to the fact that I didn’t bring a Tripod for the camera, the reason for this was because I was carrying both a camera and an Edirol on my person and I couldn’t manage a tripod as well. If I had more time to plan for the trip I could have arranged for one of my group members to accompany me into the convention and lend assistance.

My final task with the VTs was to find some footage of someone with superhero tattoos to fit in with the script, which itself was derived from a discussion from the earliest weeks of the project where we planned to bring in a tattoo artist which ultimately fell through. Copyright was a major issue with this task for me because many of the videos on websites used copyrighted music from various sources; some didn’t even list the music’s source. Thus rendering them unusable without infringing on copyright. Eventually I came across a video that had no sound and Re’ay said to use it and that she would add music too it, I assume it was royalty free.

When it came to the broadcast program I chose the duty of the vision mixer, which placed me in the gallery with the job of managing which camera angle we would use and cueing and showing the VT footage at the behest of the director. This was a step up from my past experiences in college where I was a cameraman. In the rehearsals my task was relatively simple and reliant on the directors guidance. Speaking of which I have no complaints with Rich on his direction during filming in regards to what shots he wanted.

In hindsight I feel I should have contributed more with the VT footage like editing some pieces for the broadcast. Overall I am disappointed with what I contributed as I believe I could have done more within the group in regards to the VTs. I am unsatisfied with the footage I got from Comi-con as it should have been of better quality.


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