161MC TV Broadcast Evaluation

Overall this module has showcased areas in which I excel and areas where I falter. Keeping a weekly blog was difficult for me but I did manage to maintain vlogs from our rehearsals. Being as it is my first year it seems I am still struggling to break out of my college mindset, this is in area that I need to work on in future. As the production it self I was very pleased with the end result and we all worked well together which would suggest that my teamwork skills have improved since my college days. However in hindsight I wish I could have taken a more active role in the editing of the VTs, although I understand that given the number of us in the group we need to spread the work evenly among us.

My research skills remain one of my weaker areas as I have struggled with finding the desired information for my argument on why we should keep BBC3 Channel on television, finding statistical information and figures in order to back up my arguments has been particularly difficult for me. This has come up before when I working on my production package for Little Star. In future I need to develop a method for finding this information quickly so that I can use it on my blog.

The use of social media in this module has increased my activity on Facebook which in turn has opened up doors to allow me to share my work across multiple mediums. I am now using multiple net services like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Vimeo, as well as my blog to share my work. Vimeo in particular will allow my work to seen online in a more film centred environment “It’s a network of people who are genuinely interested in film quality, too, so you know your work is being seen by people who will appreciate it. (Larson 2013) This will provide a better chance for content to be seen by the right people as opposed to youtube where it could lost in the shuffle along with the 70+ hours of footage that is uploaded to the site every minute.

There is still a lot for me to learn but have picked up a lot during my time on this course and I can become a better professional from it.

Larson, E. (2013) 5 Reasons to Choose Vimeo Instead of Youtube [online] available from <http://mashable.com/2013/05/30/vimeo-over-youtube/&gt; [23 May 2014]

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