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Magic (the art of becoming one with all)

Magic is name given to the Mages unique ability to bend the laws of nature to will and grant them superhuman powers and abilities. It takes years of training for someone to learn how to use magic and the following is an account of how Mages would summarise it to a non user, first lets start with the Principles of Magic.

The Principles of Magic are built upon the Union of Otherworld (Spirit world) and Midgard (Material world), at the heart of this principle is the Trinity of Being. The trinity is categorised as the Mind, the Body, and the Soul. The mind gives the spirit shape, the body is the spirits engine, and the Soul is the gate through which the spirit flows. Spirit energy (otherwise known as Aether) is found within all living things but few are able to sense and interact with this energy naturally, this is where the process of casting magic begins.

To understand how to cast Magic one must understand the 5 elements of Midgard, Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Aether (Spirit). The five elements are attributed to one’s own skills and thoughts, one must have great mental discipline to cast even basic spells in magic. Aether is the basis for all magic and is the only element that cannot be used as a medium. It has no true form so it cannot exist in Midgard without a powerful mind to guide it. We call these people Mages.

In order to cast a spell a Mage must give the Aether form. This form must correspond with one of the four Midgard elements. All Midgard elements are infused with a unique spiritual wavelength that a mage can resonate with provided they are compatible. In essence one’s personality also has affect on what element you can use as a medium. This allows the mage to manipulate and shape the element to into any form that their imagination can conjure, provided they have enough Aether to power the spell (the greater the spell the greater the cost). Once the Aether is takes a form the Mage can shape into any form he wills, this means the Mage can even give himself/herself the properties of the element (Iron Flesh, Sonic Speed, liquid bones, boiling touch, etc). In the essence the only limits in magic are one’s of the castor’s own mind.

Written by Sean Maguire. 18/03/2014

Witch Hunters

Following the destruction of his village at the hands of what he thought were Mages, the man who would become the Witch Hunter General swore a mighty oath of vengeance upon all wielded magic.

He waded from town to town preaching his mad gospel of hatred and doom to anyone who would listen and begged them to join him. The fallout from the disaster gave him a vast following of both peasants and nobles who were willing to fulfil his dreams of genocide. Pooling their resources they soon had an entire army of operatives.

In order to effectively combat the power of Mages the Witch Hunters developed specialised weapons that harnessed Aether. These weapons came to be known as Witch Arms, or simply Arms for short.

Rouge Forge Masters constructed these weapons for the promise of plundering the Mage clans libraries. The Arms are constructed from a unique substance called Arcanium, which is extreamly susceptible to Aether. This metal reacts to the Aether inherent in all living things and shapes itself according to the wielders desires and skills. Powerful runes can be inscribed into the metal to further enhance the Aether and turn the material into a weapon.





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