Why save BBC3?

There has been a large outcry over the recent news that the BBC is planning to Axe BBC3 from broadcast TV and move to an online service, and so there should be and heres why.

BBC3 has been responsible for producing many hit shows over the years including Torchwood, Being Human and the Mighty Boosh. Granted one can make the argument that it would be possible to continue to produce quality programming on an online format (Netflix comes to mind), however I doubt that an online service would receive the same amount of funding so they wouldn’t be able to shows of the same calibre as before. Also more people would be able watch the program on television because it is easier to access than the Internet and you don’t have the issues that come with it (video buffering, bandwidth, etc).

One could make the argument that the BBC could simply move all these programs to their other Channels. Unfortunately this creates a scheduling conflict with the programing already present on the block and the audience demographics vary depending on the Channel. BBC3 was a Channel dedicated to providing Comedy and Drama that catered to young adults; these are not the target demographic of the other BBC channels so it could limit the audience even further. For example BBC2 is focussed on producing Scientific, historic Documentaries and human-interest stories (BBC 2014).

BBC (2014) BBC Two – What we’re looking for… [online] available from <http://www.bbc.co.uk/commissioning/briefs/tv/browse-by-channel/bbc-two/> [16 April 2014]

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