Google Friday Preparing the Pitch

For this practice I decided to write a pilot episode script for an idea that I have been dwelling on for a least a year and a half now, my Ouroboros Saga. Google Friday has presented me with an opportunity to pitch my idea in a professional method a receive constructive feedback. I decided that I would structure this project the same way I produced my script for 162MC, start with a Pitch, followed by an Outline, then a Treatment, an finally the script itself.

I went online to search for some information on pitching an animated feature and I found “Six Common Pitfalls Of An Animation Pitch” (ChrisOatley n.d). Chris Oatley the author of the site has worked for Disney as a character designer. His site is meant to advise young artists but this particular referred to pitching an idea for an animated show. Out of the six pitfalls listed the first two stud out to me the most and I would like to elaborate on how they affected my pitch.

1.”The originality of any story can be enhanced, if not entirely secured with an original character.

This aspect in particular has troubled me, of all the aspects of storytelling I have struggled with writing characters the most. At its heart my story is focussed the two main leads Tyra and Alfred and their struggles to survive in a world where they are being hunted. They have backstories but I still struggle to define their personalities. For example Tyra is an energetic tomboy who enjoys Heroic epics and aspires to like the heroes in them. I have been told that i need to flesh the characters out as much as possible, one of my fellow students gave a character sheet to fill out, which still gives me heart ache.

Here is a link to the sheet in PDF form: Original Character Sheet-Tyra(incomplete)

It feels that I am not doing enough to flesh out my characters and how the plot will affect them.

2. “To write a good pitch, you have to have work out the details of the story.

I had a lot ideas for potential stories as well as a overall story arc. I thought about the Mages role as protectors of both mortals (I use this term because their are races other than humans whom the term humanity could apply to) and magical spirits and beasts. The Witch Hunters are meant to be Anti-magic and so they have wiped out the Mage clans and upset the balance between mortals and the magical world. This in of itself opens the door to a number of scenarios where the heroes have to protect both factions from each other, this is where I can play with the morality a bit. For instance what if a village comes under attack from Giants? The heroes step in but the giants are just animals looking for food because they’ve been driven out of their natural habitat. This is the kind of thing I want to write for the plots of this series.


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