Compare and Contrast 2 Magazine Studio Programs

The Last Leg Channel 4

The Presenter: the Presenter of the Last Leg was Adam Hills, a disabled man whom is missing a leg (I suppose the title is intended to allude to this fact in some fashion). I think it’s interesting for a disabled man to make jokes about disability but not in an offensive way. It’s for this quality I believe he was chosen. I believe both able and disabled people can find his statements funny and that’s what connects him to his audience.

The Look: There were some very bright pinks, purples and a darker shade of blue. The table was of a peculiar shape and there was a tv next to the presenter’s desk, not a screen just a regular tv. I suppose this unconventional design was done deliberately to allow the last leg to stand apart from other magazine shows.

The Content: The last leg appears to be a show that takes a look at the happenings of the past seven days. Adam also uses strong language and imagery for comedic effect. He also accompanied by two gentlemen who also seemingly disabled in some fashion (one seems to have a deformed hand). Despite their disabilities they talk about topics that most male adult audiences were be interested in.

The Second Screen: The Last Leg answers audience questions that have been shared via twitter. Adam made humorous jokes about some of the questions when he answered them. He also seems to take somewhat serious topics and spin elements within to make a joke as can be seen with his Paddy power skit.


The One Show BBC1

The Presenters: The presenters of the one show are incredibly laid back. They use smart jokes like Adam Hills does but instead they engage with their guests and work off of them. They also communicate with each and appear to be in touch with what is popular at that moment in time (the selfies for instance), I believe this helps them connect with the audience.

The Look: The studio of the one show had a similar look to the Last Leg, the vibrant collection of colours and unique architectural designs. It had strong red colour, which fit with BBC1’s ident colours. It had a window with a view of the rest of the studio building.

The Content: The One Show takes a look at the happenings of the last seven days. The show is willing to create tone juxtaposition as seen when they cut from talking to John Barrowmen about selfies, to a news story about con men who prey on the elderly. The show doesn’t have a comedic overtone like the Last Leg as it seems to allow the severity of the subject matters speak for themselves. However that doesn’t mean they don’t have comedic segments.

The Second Screen: The presenters involve the audience a great deal, they ask them to send them pictures through Twitter, Faceboook and Instagram. The BBC’s website also asks the audience to send them stories that they would be worth featuring on the show.


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