160MC Editing process

After the footage was all shot Asen and Meddy took the reigns. We discussed the ideas for the shots and what editing techniques we could use to achieve them. Asen initially had trouble overlaying certain videos in order to achieve the desired results. We went to Spencer in order to seek advice on how to fix our dilemma. He showed Asen how make the effect work and we were able to press forward with the Editing. I suggested moving the line where my mother speaks about living her life over again to the beginning in order to set the tone for our documentary. We used the nature footage in attempt to reinforce the spiritual nature of the Tarot cards, as spirituality in the UK is commonly associated with Nature thanks to religions like Wicca and Druidism.

Asen contemplated inserting a soundtrack into the documentary, to heighten the mood of some of the shots.Upon exploring the Ellen Terry building we discovered a room with music creation equipment, Asen wanted to use them to create his soundtrack. Unfortunately  the equipment was off limits to us without the consent of one of our tutors. This is something to keep in mind for future projects.


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