160MC Shooting Process

Before we started shooting I booked the the room ET2.22 for Friday the 14th and my mother signed the consent form. For the project I provided Asen and Meddy with templates for the Shot list, Call Sheet, Shooting Schedule and Storyboard. I drew some rough sketches for some shots that we planned to use in the documentary.

Meddy and Asen planned the majority of shots and asked me to conduct the majority interview as it was believed that as her son my mother would be most comfortable speaking to me. As the interview progressed Franklin took over the interview as he was better suited to the task than I. He was far more interested in the subject of the Tarot and asked fresh questions that provided far more in depth answers. After the interview was concluded Asen and Meddy discussed the need for some footage of nature, I stepped in and told them that I could provide such footage as I lived next to a woodland area.

On sunday I took my flip video camera out and recorded some panning shots of the woodland and open fields that we could use in our documentary. Later that night on Facebook Asen and I discussed obtaining footage of Tarot cards for our project. My mother allowed me to borrow her deck of Tarot cards and I took with me to university on monday to film them with Asen.


Here is the paperwork that was conducted for our 160MC people to people.

160MC Paperwork

I know the consent forms are upside down. I don’t know how to fix that unfortunately.


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