My Poetic Eyes Reflection

I learned to construct a Haiku during my Creative Writing Ad+vantage module. When we learned that we were that we were creating a poem I decided to utilise this technique. A Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry that built upon 3 lines with a set number of syllables each. The first and third line must have five syllables and the second line must have 7 syllables.

This project has taught to me about the importance of being expressive of my views through the media. This can be seen in my Haiku which revolved around my anti-religious views. 9/11 was is an event that shocked the world, it was also partly religiously motivated. It shows how religion can drive people to perform untold of acts of savagery upon others, as stated by Christopher Hitchens “it can be stated as truth that religion does not, and in the long run cannot, be content with its own marvellous claims and sublime assurances. It must seek to interfere with the lives of nonbelievers” (Hitchens 2007) I wanted to show this fact to people. I am proud of the the words I used where I put man before god and how we should criticise religion for its crimes.


Hitchens, C. (2007) GOD IS NOT GREAT. London: Atlantic Books.


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