161MC Documentary Remix Reflection

Upon studying the documentary that I used for the remix, it has come to my attention the manipulative style employed by Michael Moore to provoke his desired reaction from the audience. The scene when he draws parallels between the Columbine killings and the fact that American bombed Kosovo the exact same day. Moore appears to be suggesting a connection between the mass shooting and America’s aggressive foreign policy on a psychological and cultural level. This point is reinforced by Manson’s comments regarding the media’s desire to demonise him, who wrote and performed songs that the killers happened to listen too. Instead of the president of the United Staes who ordered the bombings which killed thousands of people and possessed a much wider sphere of influence. One key point brought up was the media’s need to promote fear and consumption, which I think perfectly illustrates the themes of the film. Moore suggests that the American media influences people with fear which in turn can potentially lead to gun crime.

In my remix all of the links that I provide serve to defend Manson and reinforce Moore’s point which tells me the documentary has had the desired effect upon me.


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