Little Star Treatment

MORNING. KEEKIN leaves for school with his mother. His mother appears to be a normal human whereas he has horn like stubs on his forehead and long ears like a deer.

At the school the other children there have stubs and long ears too, but they also have flat noses which Keekin does not. He is ostracised by the other children for his difference in appearance. In the sequence the children are identified as Elves.

An Elven teacher arrives to lead the children into class. During class Keekin observes some human children playing outside. He is struck on the head by object thrown by one of the other children.

NOON. PLAYTIME. UPSET Keekin hides from the other Elven children in a hedge bush. While hiding he is discovered by a hyperactive Elven girl who crashes through the hedge and almost lands on him.

The girl identifies herself as Yanya and expresses a desire to make friends with him. She plucks a flower from her hair and offers it to Keekin as a gesture of friendship. He is reluctant to accept the proposal but then he notices that Yanya is becoming upset. He takes the flower from her and she proceeds to embrace him in a tight hug.

Keekin returns to class, he is still receiving scowls from the other children. He notices Yanya across the room as she smiles and waves. He waves back and reaches for the flower in his pocket.

The school day comes to an end and Keekin meets his mother at the front gate. She asks him how his day was, he shows her the flower that Yanya gave him. As they leave Keekin turns around to look at the school and smiles, he knows that life here will be better.


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