#PingPong 161: Tears lost in time

For this exercise I am continuing the narrative of Ping and Pong. Two ping pong balls which met one another through a misfortune and fell in love. They were separated and are traveling to across the universe to find each other again.

In my sequence Pong has traveled to ends of existance and back, having many adventures along the way, but he was never able to re-unite with Ping. His days coming to a close he reflects on all he has done and how it ultimately amounts to nothing. This sequence is inspired by Rutger Hauer’s famous soliloquy at the end of Blade Runner (Scott 1982), where he reflects upon his past in his dying moments. I will leave the sequence open to interpretation as to whether Pong actually dies or not – this way I will not interfere with other peoples’s potential narratives.

Upon showing the sequence to a live audience I have found that it leaves them confused. In hindsight I realise that there is no reference to Ping until the very end and there is no in text explanation as to who or what Ping is in relation to Pong. The Blade Runner audio edit did provide an atmosphere of despair, which was what I intended. However some of the images did nothing help the narrative as there was no establishment of their relevance within the story, for example when Pong talks about ships on fire and the Tennhauser Gate there is frame of relevance between these events and his search for Ping which left audiences confused.

If I were repeat this practice I decide not to use the Blade Runner audio track and instead write and record my own dialogue with inspiration from different sources, this will allow more creative control over the visuals and audio. It would also allow me frame the narrative in a more consistent context.

Scott, R. (1982) Blade Runner [DVD] United Kingdom: Warner Bros


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