161 task 4. David vs Goliath for the WWE Title

As westerner I grew up many different stories and one of my personnel favourites is the story of David and Goliath (Bartleby 1993).

This story from the Bible (1 Samuel 17) has had many interpretations, but the morale that resonated most throughout the ages is the fact that against insurmountable odds David rose to Goliath’s challenge and slew him. It shows that a man can overcome anything no matter what is thrown at him. While in the original text David won through divine intervention which proved his right to rule over Israel, this element is left out of retellings of the story. It seems people prefer to think that David won through his own skill, which in my opinion the latter is a far better morale than former.

For my project my project I decided to combine this ancient story with the world of Pro wrestling. In this modern age many wrestlers will use services like Twitter and Facebook in order to connect with fans and sell angles (an angle is term for a storyline in pro wrestling). The WWE has run angles like the David and Goliath story many times in the past with smaller wrestlers overcoming bigger ones, for my project I am using two of my personnel favourite wrestlers for the roles of David and Goliath. Daniel Bryan was chosen to play David because he is both small and has odds stacked against him in real life. He is one of the most over guys (over means popular) with crowds who cheer him and yet the WWE tries repeatedly to ruin his momentum, as he does not meet the companies desired criteria for a top wrestler (David didn’t fit the bill either).

Brock Lesnar on the other hand is a giant of a man and a vicious beast in the ring (he was a UFC champion, which is real fighting). He also embodies what the WWE considers a top main eventer (the top dog who draws the biggest crowds and makes the most money). Goliath was seen as the ultimate warrior whom nobody could possibly defeat. You can see parallels between the two and how they fit the respective roles.Ā The subject of kingship can be personified in the world title belt. In professional wrestling winning the world title makes you the top guy in the company, which can be seen as the equivalent to a king. Entire story lines and feuds are constructed around the world title. An example of such would be the famous Austin vs Mcmahon feud from 1998-99, the whole thing revolved around the world title.



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