30 second slide reel-Treatment

For the 30 second reel featuring the person we intended to make our short documentaries about, I chose to incorporate pictures of my mother interwoven with the tarot cards that she frequently uses. The reason I incorporated the Tarot is because they will play an integral part of the short film’s content and to reflect this in the depictions of my mother.

For the documentary on my mother I want to explore the relationship that she shares with the Tarot cards and why she believes that they will determine her future. In terms of content I figure that I could use the images on the tarot cards to illustrate any relevant points that either myself or my mother bring up during the documentary. Tarot cards are very open to interpretation with inherent meanings so this grants me a lot of creative freedom when incorporating them into the documentary. For instance I could use the Empress card to represent my mother as the Empress card is associated with motherhood and fertility. There is also a lot lighting techniques that could incorporate, with my mother searching for a happiness I could illustrate this with dim lighting to represent emptiness.


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