Remix- Welcome to the End

For this project we were tasked with creating a remix using visual media. These remixes were meant to convey an ideology. Welcome to the End is a remix that revolves around the pain of loss, whether that a physical loss (Bane breaking Batman), loss of a loved one (Rachel), Betrayal (Maes Hughes shot by his own wife, Batman setup by Catwoman), the will to live (the hoodie, the student). Many of the large sweeping shots give a sense of scope of how many people can be hurt all over the world (at least that was an idea that was swimming around in my head, still not sure if it worked).

In hindsight I wish that I had used a more extensive range of clips and rearranged them, because many of clips last too long and the scene where Rachel dies is a good example. Another problem is some of the clips are taken out of context; so their emotional weight is lost on audiences unfamiliar with the clips origin, for example Rachels death scene loses some of it’s impact without the dialogue. It was for this reason that made sure to leave the clip where we see the picture of Maes Hughes family so that the audience has an idea of the relationship the woman has to him before she shoots him.

The hardest part of this project is thinking about who this project is aimed at in terms of audience, if anything this project was created to cater to my tastes and my vision as opposed to another group of people. However that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a potential audience in that anyone who shares similar interests would find some entertainment with this piece; and thats the key word I want you to remember “entertainment”, by that I mean an experience that real life seldom imitates and yet we can connect with them because of our innate human ability to insert ourselves into another’s perspective “We feel that we are there, in the story” (Psychology Today 2009).

Welcome to End


Kaur, A. (2013) 1min Showreel [online] available from <; [20 January 2014]

Alongi, I. (2013) Chicago Aerial stock video shot on red on Vimeo [online] available from <; [20 January 2014]

Caines, S. (2013) Showreel [online] available from <; [20 January 2014]

Maguire, S. (2013) Pressure [online] available from <; [20 January 2014]

Stromberg, P. (2009) Why is Entertainment so Entertaining? [online] <; [23 February 2014]

Tran, K. (2013) kenny’s showreel [online] available from <; [20 January 2014]

Youtube (2004) 12 Stones – Welcomes to The End (new CD/EP The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday) [online] available from <; [20 January 2014]

Youtube (2004) Batman vs Bane – The Dark Knight Rises Full Fight 1080p HD [online] available from <; [20 January 2014]

Youtube (2004) FMA Brotherhood | Hughes Death [online] available from <; [20 January 2014]

Youtube (2004) Maes Hughes funeral [VOSTFER] [online] available from <; [20 January 2014]

Youtube (2004) The Dark Knight – Rachel’s Death (1080p) [online] available from <; [20 January 2014]


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