The Brand

For the purpose of creating an online identity for myself and my future productions my tutors recommended that I search for a media practitioner that I admired and whose profession matched my aspirations. I’d need to research how/if they branded themselves using online social services such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and/or their own websites.

For this exercise I sought out one of my favourite directors, John Carpenter.

Carpenter maintains a personal website (Carpenter 2012) that is stylised after a traditional American cinema that stands in perpetual darkness with the moon and dark clouds in the background. Haunting music plays over while on this page. This gives the impression that Carpenter has created a brand for himself that revolves around the horror genre of film.

The icon “John Carpenter Presents” leads to a new screen with wealth of options relating to carpenter and his productions, there are 3 links called “the movies” “the man” and “the music” each with an article which relates to their respective subject. The bios cover Carpenter life, his Films and the music he composed. Also on that page are some other links to sound files from his films (he composes his own music), a series of press releases regarding his films throughout the years, a forum and links to other websites.

John Carpenter also maintains Twitter (Twitter 2006) and Facebook (Facebook 20o4) accounts. On the Twitter account Carpenter identifies himself as @TheHorrorMaster, which is inkeeping in the theme of his personal website Carpenter also identifies himself as a composer.


Carpenter, J. (2012) TheOfficialJohnCarpenter [online] available from <> [10 January 2014]

Facebook (2004) Director John Carpenter [online] available from <; [1o January 2014]

Twitter (2006) @TheHorrorMaster [online] available from <; [10 January 2014]


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