Evaluation and Reflection

Although it can be said that the group has a good chemistry with working together and sharing ideas I must question my own input whether it was enough. Looking back my skills appear to be very limited as I was only able to provide information regarding the narrative, this combined with poor time management on my part has severely hampered my performance during this module.  if I am to continue I must develop my skills to cover a wider range of areas such as technical skills, time management and I need to feel more confident to contribute to the project or I fear my future projects will suffer as a result.  In order to improve I will have to become more involved in every aspect of the production to ensure that the assignment expectations are met.

I do not believe that we had enough meetings to discuss ideas and with the essay of module 105 it has made it very difficult to arrange meetings as we needed to arrange time to dedicate to two projects with deadlines looming at the same time.  In future group projects we will need to determine dates in advance when we can meet and schedule them in our personal diaries so as to avoid conflicting arrangements with other modules or personal appointments. however I will admit that I worked with this group a lot better than the previous four week challenge which I think maybe is due to social interaction thanks to the facebook group  [https://www.facebook.com/groups/524893797587981/], which proved invaluable for setting up our meetings to discuss work and also kept us informed upon each others status.

My contributions in regards to the narrative were built upon my pre-existing knowledge of Celtic pagan cults such as the aforementioned Crom Cruach, I do believe that this helped us to develop our narrative and gave us some strong footing to engineer a presentation that could be both believable and allude to the supernatural.  However in future I would like to expand my horizons outside of fantastical elements for it I do not I run the risk of bottle necking potential future stories to the generic conventions of the fantasy genre. I would also like to experiment with different techniques outside of narrative such as technical skills as this would allow me to operate independently with the equipment that the University provides.  I would also engage in social activities in order to create a list of contacts with whom I can enlist services if a situation called for them such as if we needed a photographer or actor I would have a net work to call upon.

In conclusion this project has highlighted some strengths and areas that require improvement as an individual and as a member of a group, I will take everything written here into consideration for future projects.  If I am able to develop these skills then the quality of work that I and my group produce shall improve as a result of the experience.


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