At the beginning of this assignment  our task was to create production which revolved around the disappearance of a character that we have created as a group. We must create this character using the objects in our Cabinet of Curiosities, by that I mean we must use the objects to convey our character to the audience: For example if we used one of my anime dvds it would tell the audience that this character watches anime.

The members of my group include:  Shahid Mahmood (, Shaquilla Caines (, Nawaz ‘Noah’ Sheikh (, Annie Remell (, ( Zach Montana and Anita Kaur ( we used facebook to arrange our meetings and share information.

We began by listing the contents of our cabinets of curiosities. From those contents we constructed a character whom was of Asian decent (specifically the Indonesian islands) who came to the UK in order to hide from a pagan cult obsessed with killing her and consuming her flesh in order to complete a dark ritual.

This cult worshipped some form of snake deity that demanded the sacrifice of an entire blood line in order to rejuvenate their island, this ritual was carried once every generation.  This idea stemmed from an old Irish legend and the Ouroboros symbol which depicts the snake eating its own tail.  The Ouroboros represents the eternal cycle of death, birth and renewal.  Based on this information it was not hard to create a ritual sacrifice cult that revolved around this concept. The symbol also holds international appeal because the Ouroboros has been sighted in may parts of the world.

we presented our idea to the class and we received feedback. A lot of the feedback revolved the complexity of our idea and how we would convey it during our presentation. We shouldn’t get too far a head of ourselves. Our idea was compared to the The Wicker Man (Hardy 1973) because it follows a similar premise.

We later changed the Indonesian islands to Ireland because Ireland is closer to the UK and has a pre-existing snake cult that delved in ritual sacrifice the cult worshipped a god named Crom Cruach.  I had discovered this deity in the past while researching pagan deities for personal projects.  depictures of this character can vary depending on the source but one of the most recent examples can be found in the Irish animated film The Secret of Kells.

During our second presentation there was still some confusion regarding how we would present our idea given the complex nature of the cult in question, we assured ourselves that it was doable based on the fact that we could use the method of ambiguity this means we do not have to reveal any real truths to the audience for example in the Wicker Man there is nothing overtly supernatural going on in the film it is merely the pagan cult and their practises that is the source of the films fear and tension.  for this project the group really wanted to play upon the notion that what we don’t see can be more terrifying than if anything was shown we leave it to the audiences interpretation.


Hardy, R. (1973) The Wicker man. [DVD] United Kingdom: British Lion Films.


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