Little Star (Private)

This is an expansion on the script outline that I wrote on this blog. This piece will be written according to the guidelines set by the 5 Ideas page as best as I can.

When I was planning the Little Star narrative I wanted the format to be that of a feature length film. In terms of genre however that was an interesting question that I ask myself sometimes. For those who have not read the Outline I will illustrate the basic premise of the plot. Little Star revolves around the struggles of Annie, a single mother who’s son Keekin is half human half alien hybrid, and the difficulties that come with raising him in world full of prejudice. The idea for Little Star was born out my own views of racism and discrimination, except I wanted to add a science fiction twist to the concept. One often talks about human rights but what about a creature on a equal evolutionary level? are they not entitled to similar rights or are they reserved for humans alone?

The film that sparked the idea for Little Star is Wolf Children by Masamoru Hosada. I was already familiar with Hosada’s previous work, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Summer Wars so I interested to see what his latest project was. The trailer for the film captured my imagination and started to think about the concept for Little Star. I should point out that the narrative themes of Wolf Children and Little Star differ, in that the former is a story about finding ones place in the world and the latter is about racism, generally speaking of course.

Racism is the idea’s central theme with a world caught in the midst of an upheaval caused by the arrival of the Gaizan. When the aliens arrived on earth their ships were damaged and they crash landed on the planet, which caused a lot of death and destruction for both the humans and the Gaizan.


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