Little Star (My own idea)

Script outline. Themes: Racism vs Compassion.

The year is 2102 and 70 years have passed since the outer earth war between the humans and nomadic gaizan (working name). The gaizan have been marooned on Earth and forced to settle with the humans although tensions are still extremely high. This story follows Annie, a University student whom by chance meets a gaizan named Kallak in the library and helps him loan a book due to a xenophobic policy forbidding gaizan from taking out books. They continue to see each and what starts as friendship eventually blossoms into a full blown relationship.

Annie eventually gets a job and an apartment and the two start living together much to the chagrin of both their families and the neighbours. Eventually Annie becomes pregnant which worsens the xenophobic neighbors attitudes to them. Kallak is targeted by a Xenophobic street gang and fatally stabbed just as Annie gives birth to a boy and names him Keekin, which means little star in the gaizan language. Annie moves away to a small town in the country to raise her child away from the city. Annie and Keekin struggle to get along with the locals (both human and gaizan) although they are able to eventually make friends within the community.

When Keekin begins school he is viciously bullied by both the human and gaizan children. Keekin tries to make friends but can’t escape the harassment and eventually breaks and runs away during a heavy rainstorm. Annie goes looking for him with a search party comprised of both humans and gaizan, they eventually find him only to discover he has become very ill, Annie rushes her son to the hospital where he makes a full recovery.

(Bear in mind this is very much an abridged version of the story and I have plans for plenty of details to flesh it out)


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