Citizen Kane (Pre 1960’s)

Citizen Kane is a film that according to many critics is the greatest film of all time. Orson Welles most certainly broke new ground with this land mark picture, with its narrative being told from several different points of view each giving a different version of the eponymous Kane as various points in his life. The film was also regarded as one of the first auteur films as it was presented as a film by Orson Welles highlighting the director as opposed to the studio that produced it, today that is common practice with likes of Steven Spielberg and Tim Burton to name but a few. (

citizen kane

In my opinion the film was very unique for how the character Kane is presented to the audience within the film as the only scene that features him, not through the point of view of another character, is his death at the beginning of the film uttering the famous word “Rosebud”. From then his close friends, colleagues and former lover break him down from the ambitious young man, newspaper tycoon, would be politician, to his final years as a broken and empty man. This film was made in 1941 when Welles was merely 25 years old and yet Kane in my humble opinion is still a very much a relevant film with a timeless story that can apply to virtually any time period.

One thing I will always take away from Citizen Kane however is the fact that Orson Welles had complete creative control and many tried to destroy the film before it saw the light of day. The film showcased what can be achieved when a great mind is given freedom to work but also the unfortunate truth that those in power may to compromise that vision but they cannot understand it.



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