Bowling for Columbine (Documentary)

Bowling for Columbine is documentary centered on gun crime in America and what the causes of it are. Moore visits the town of Littleton Colorado where the Columbine High school massacre took place and finds that it is close to the largest weapon making facility in the world. When Moore asked the Evan McCollum of Public Relations about why the boys committed the murders and mentions what was the difference between the employees of the facility and the gunmen. Moore also interviewed Marilyn Manson who was blamed by some because the boys who carried out the shootings listened to his music, Moore interestingly brought up the fact that on the day of the shooting America dropped bombs on another country and questioned why that wasn’t featured in the media.

Bowling for Columbine01

The film uses the Columbine High school massacre as a catalyst for analysis of American culture relating to weapons and youth violence and what the cause for it is. The documentary covers atrocities committed by the American government in other countries, and draws parallels between the actions of the youths and that of the military. The ethical battle over gun control is explored from many different angles including media coverage, interviews with members of the public who own fire arms like the NRA and Michigan Militia and people who lost loved ones in the massacre itself. Moore makes frequent use of juxtaposition between rival viewpoints and even uses entire montage of atrocities to contradict one person’s statement (

Michael Moore seemed to paint a picture that the media was quick to cover a story of a mass killing by a pair of students and yet refuses to cover a story about the actions of their own government and military abroad, to be honest it was a little unnerving.



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