Angel A (European Film)

Angel A tells the story of inept American scam artist who is in deep with the criminals of Paris; he has until midnight to pay off all his debts or they will kill him, He receives no help from the American embassy or the French police and he is left with no options. On the verge of suicide he meets a beautiful woman named Angela who helps turn his fortune around.


This film is very fond of its wide angle visuals, showcasing the city of Paris and its many landmarks. Looking back on the film it feels very much like a guided tour of the city of love with the central characters as the unknowing tour guides. The characters are never still for too long as they move from place to place all the while the camera gets as many angles as it can to showcase the beauty of the city. I believe this shows a lot of attention to detail as its clear the director wanted to feature the city as major factor of the film’s cinematography. A lot of the shots are also framed to make the male lead Andre appear as small as possible, all of the characters in the film (including Angela who is an unusually tall woman) are taller than him, there are a lot scenes where he is in the foreground of wide angle mid shots making him appear small and the film has very few low angle shots except when events in the plot favour him.

The director made masterful use of the camera and I believe this film showcases how one can use the camera to affect the mood and atmosphere of scenes and how the audience can interoperate the characters, as I have done when writing this piece.




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