The Siren Evaluation


Overall this experience was one of my most in-depth pieces of work which used final cut pro. I had to learn all about the various applications and what they did such as logging and capturing. As I mentioned before Sam carried out the logging and capturing but I managed to take these notes of what he did for future reference. Sam did this by connecting the camera with the mini-DV tape into the MAC using a Firewire cable and then launching Final Cut Pro. When he started final cut pro a screen popped up that informed him that final cut had found the camera. He then went to file and scrolled down until he found log and capture. A new window popped up and Sam clicked VTR OK, he did not need to adjust the settings because everything was already in order. In order to ensure the safety of the cassette tape with all our footage on it Sam decided to keep it in the studio in storage where it would be both safe and accessible to us if we ever needed it.

When the files were logged and captured they would appear in final cut pro’s log bin from there I could change the names of the video and audio files so that they would be easier to locate and manage, I could also arrange the files by content by right clicking (I had the right click option set on my MAC’s mouse I don’t know the other way) and selecting new bin to create a bunch of files. I can also name the bins so it would be a lot easier to manage my audio and visual files.

One of the ways to transfer audio and visual files to final cut pro is too import the them by going to File: Import-files and then select the files you want imported. When I had the files in my log bin I dragged them onto the timeline with the mouse by right clicking and holding onto the selected file and moving them from the log bin onto the timeline and then releasing the right mouse button. When it came to cutting up the visual and audio clips I used the cutting tool which is located on the far right and looks like one of those.

importing, exporting, using the Log bin to manage my video and audio files, using effects on the video and audio files in the timeline and my editing skills to a congruent and flowing narrative that also involved a flashback scene to set up the events portrayed in the story. Sometimes however the clips would not work as they were unrendered, I corrected this by clicking on the unrendered clip and pressing CMD + R.

When I was editing utilised the Flashback editing techniques where it shows something that takes place in the past that has some relation to the events in the present. In the Siren’s case I used the flashback technique cut it up so it was intermixed with some footage that is supposed to take place in the present time and proceeded to cut back and forth between them. To create a sense transition between the flashbacks I created white background visual file and made really small using the cutting tool. I did this by double clicking on a clip in the timeline and that clip would appear in the viewer window, in the bottom right of the viewer window there is a button that resembles a piece of film with an A on it. I clicked this button and list showed up, I scrolled down the list to matte and then clicked it, which opened another list with colour on it. I clicked on colour and option appeared in the top right of the viewer window with the word controls on it. Click controls and a bar appears with the words Name, Parameter and Nav. Under Name is the word colour and under paramters is a square, click on the square and some colour options show up. I clicked on the desired colour and then it appeared in the viewer window. I dragged the colour in the window onto the timeline and then I could edit it just like I would a visual or audio file. I then placed in-between each clip involved in the flashback to create a sense of disorientation.

I downloaded a bunch of sound effects/music off of youtube and purple using a conversion site called, this allowed me take audio from a video and put it in my downloads as an mp3 file. I did this by copying the link from youtube and pasting in the conversion bar and clicked the dowmload button next to the bar. When the file was fully converted in appeared in my downloads and then I moved it to my storage for use in my video. I imported them the same way I would normally import a visual file.

One of the neatest things that final cut pro allows you to do is use effects. In my video a fade transition and slow motion effects. I created the fade transition by right clicking the very end of either a visual or audio clip on the timeline, when I right clicked a list showed up and I clicked on the Add transition “Cross Fade” which created a fade out fade in effect between the visual clips. In the audio’s case you do the same except it fades the sound out and in. In order to create a slow-mo effect I simply right click on the visual or audio clip and then a list appears, scroll down the list until you come to the change speed option, another window appears with the word Rate next to a box with a percentage in it to anything below 100.00% to slow it down. I used these affects on both the visual and audio files to create a more disturbing atmosphere that suited the videos horror theme.

Finally when all the editing was done and I was satisfied with the finished product I exported the video. In order to export you simply go to File and scroll down to Export then click using quick time conversion. A window appears that has the options Save as: and Where, Save as allows you to name it and Where allows to save to a particular location (in my case STORAGE). There was also Format and Use, Format was set to QuickTime Movie and Use was set to Default settings. When it was done converting it appeared in the storage as planned and I could view it at my leisure.

I had a lot of help in order to understand how the various applications worked and without the likes of San and Iain around I might not have done well as I did. The most enjoyable part of the experience was using the effects and cutting tools to create a sense of atmosphere within the video. This is definitely something I can look forward to using in the future.


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