Music Video Production Diary

Day 1, 04/01/2012

Today we got into our group which consists of Me, Sam, Adam and Cherie. We assigned ourselves the tasks for the future, I am handling Production schedule, Location photo’s, Storyboards and Shooting schedule with Sam Edgar.

Cherie emailed a potential music producer named Roger and a Bass musician named James.

Day 2, 11/01/2012

Today Cherie has had a reply from the artist and has arranged to meet them, unfortunately I will be unable to attend. We also worked on our Production schedule and planned to finish all the paperwork by next week. I also printed off a consent form, risk assessment and the Production schedule layout.

Day 3, 18/01/2012

On the 17th Sam, Cherie and Adam went to the artist to fill out a consent form and risk assessment. they discussed what they wanted to do with the cast, looked around the studio to get a feel for the surrounding environment and to identify any health hazards and they heard the demo for the song.

Today we did some research on 80’s fashion. Sam is awaiting an email from the artist which will bring him the MP3 file for the song so that he can begin storyboards. e researched music videos from the 80’s to get a feel for the pop culture of that era. We also looked at some other music videos which depicted some sub-par acting so we know what to avoid when it comes to filming.

Cheris recieved an email from the producer which had the lyrics for the song.

Day 4, 01/02/2012

We observed narrative in music videos to try an gain some inspiration for our own storyboards. We managed to finalise  the theme which our music video will revolve around, it will be a contrast between the 80’s era and the modern era.

Day 5, 08/02/2012

We wrote and drew the first draft of the storyboard today. We were informed we could use child extras.

Day 6, 22/02/2012

The footage was obtained but according to Sam it was a most unpleasant experience. The footage is still yet to be edited and the group has expressed interest in doing a second music video because of a lack of satisfaction with the results of first footage and song.

Day 7, 29/02/2012

The editing process begins in earnest. Cherie began typing up the risk assessment on Microsoft Word. The production schedule and the consent form were scanned and saved to the blog after the details on the consent form had been properly filled in.

Day 8, 07/03/2012

Editing continues. On a personal note I feel that there a lot of distractions and lack of enthusiasm most likely due to the way they were treated when filming. Another piece of music has been found and we will send a request for use.

Day 9, 14/03/2012

Storyboards for a second video have started being drawn, with the basic plot revolving around a teddy trying to commit suicide after the death of his family.

Day 10, 21/03/2012

The Editing is nearing completion and I had a bit of input along with Cherie. Iain suggested that we be creative with our editing. Adam has yet to do anything today. We will be filming on the 29th of March and we will be meeting outside the motor museum at 1:00pm.

Day 11, 28/03/2012

We were told to plan out some reshoots by Iain. We plan to buy some black hoodies and shoot some footage. We plan to re-shoot the modern footage due to unsatisfactory nature of the original clips.


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