Music Video Evaluation

At the beginning of this project we were sorted into our groups. I chose to group up with what is now considered my regulars, Cherie Smith, Sam Edgar and Adam Ellix. We were allocated roles in the production so we would be more organised and not all over the place like in past endeavours. I was given the following tasks in the pre-production phase, writing production schedule, taking location photos, creating storyboards and a shooting schedule with Sam Edgar.

At first was the production schedule and we organised what was to be accomplished and by when. We originally planned to try and get all of the paperwork (Risk assessments, shooting schedules, equipment lists, Contributor signatures etc) out of the way first so when it came to the filming we could concentrate solely on just that without any outstanding paperwork holding us back. For the most part it worked we had all of our paperwork accounted for by the time we started filming.

We were tasked in finding a musical piece and to create a music video for it. In order to use a musical piece we would need consent from it’s creator. Cherie happened to know someone called Roger Greasbey who was involved in music, she emailed him with a request to utilise some of his music for our music video. Cherie received a reply from Roger within a week saying that he was willing to let us use his music. Cherie was able to arrange for us to go and shoot scenes for the music with some kids and the singer of the song. Sam and I wrote up a shooting schedule that worked around the arranged date that cherie had set up, we managed to secure a college camera for the project and had arranged for transport. Cherie’s brother was roped in to provide transport to the location and Cherie’s mother was brought in to provide the return trip.

As I was unable to be present at the filming location so to compensate we decided to take still images from our recorded footage, Iain was okay with this.

Sam and I hunkered down and drew up a storyboard that based around the subject matter of the song we were utilising, we had many ideas but we eventually decided upon a narrative which showed the two generations in the same locations at different points in time, you would see the same location but the kids would differently on which generation they came from.

Unfortunately I was unable to attend due to being unavailable at the time due to scheduling conflicts (Although in hindsight from what I heard of Sam, Adam and Cherie’s experience I’m glad I didn’t go). When when I turned up for college the next day I was filled in on the gruesome details of the disaster of a filming session. Roger kept on interfering with Sam’s job of directing, a group of local kids were brought in to “star” in the video as extras and they had the vulgar attitude to my classmates and they would not co-operate with Sam during filming. eventually they managed to record all the footage and left with their spirits in tatters.

In Class the process of Editing began. Sam was in charge of this field although in hindsight even though it was a group effort I feel we should have each edited our own videos and picked the best from among to show to the class at least that way we all would have had more chance to work with the editing software Final Cut Pro. During the process of editing Sam was so agitated with how he treated was during filming that he wanted to scrap all the footage they had recorded and start anew with the same song.


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