Sound Editing Short Evaluation

The First part of the task was to take a scene from a movie and edit in different sounds. I chose to take one of the most tear jerking scenes from “the Green Mile” and completely turn it around. I got the scene off youtube and took into Final cut Pro. Next I cut out all of Tom Hanks’es dialogue and then recrded my own using a dictaphone that Reza provided. I originally wanted to record someone elses voice to replace Michael Clarke Duncan’s lines but disided against it because it would have taken too long so I left his dialogue although I did edit out some of his dialogue using the cutting tool to make him appear more insane. The finished product was an entertaining piece of work that was fun to work on but the next project was even better.

For the next project we had the task of taking two trailers and utilising the visuals of one and the sound of the other. We were only allowed to edit either the visuals or the sound but not both. I chose theisuals from a trailer for one of favourite movies of all time “John Carpenter’s Big Trouble in Little China” and the sound from the “Duke Nukem Forever” 2007 teaser trailer. I chose to edit the visuals using Final cut Pro again and the result was one of the most entertaining pieces of work I’ve produced that was fun to make.


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