The Codes and Conventions of Broadcast TV News

This is from channel 4 news. This particular report covers a case where the cover of Time magazine depicts a women breast feeding a child which sparked outrage in communities. The report is 6 minutes and 15 seconds long and begins with the studio reporter in the centre of the frame this is called a piece to camera (PTC) presenting the topic to the audience. It then cuts away to a shot of the magazine on display in a store to validate their point and show the source of the topic visually to the audience.

The reporter is dressed in a professional manner with a suit, a tie, and short hair. This is what an audience has come to expect from a studio news reporter. This visual code makes the audience assume he is a figure to be trusted because of his respectable appearance.

During the cut away (C/A) scene there is a voice over (V/O) which is the studio reporter continuing what he was saying before the cut away occurred. After the scene is finished it cuts back to the studio where the reporter is joined by 2 women whom he will interview (I/V), one of them is a mother who is still breast feeding a four year old child and is a primary source of information. The 2nd women is an academic in parenting studies. As the women argue their points the camera pans around them and changes angle, I would theorise that this is to keep the audiences interest. If the Camera was in a fixed position it would probably lose the audience due to loss of interest.

This report is 5 minutes and 36 seconds long and shares a lot of traits with the previous one; such as the smartly dressed studio reporter, the centre frame on the reporter and the the people he is interviewing, the opposing ideologies conflicting. The differences between this report and the previous one is that this report has no cutaways to anything which is a visual reinforcement of what people are saying, for exxample there is frequent mention of polls but no statistics are shown on the screen. Another major difference is that the people being interviewed are in seperate locations and not in the studio. The 2 men being interviewed are shown on 2 seperate screens which they are in the centre of their respective frames and they are smartly dressed, however these men make no actions with their hands and they seem to be greenscreened in front of backgrounds to represent the places they are in. This could be some used to help the audience tell who is who, another interesting point is that the man whom works for the President has the white house in his background which a well known place of government so the audience may interperet this as this man is in the government.


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