Unit 21 Understanding video technology – Evaluation of Sony DSR 250p Final cut pro project

Evaluation: The Journey of making a Final Cut Pro Video

When I was working on my Sony DSR 250p project we were required to make a video with audio that guided people through the camera’s functions. I was nervous as I seldom get along with technology in a working environment and I was unsure if I would be able to keep up with all the details and references that I would have to make in order to get a distinction grade.

When writing a script for the video production I used the Production manual and Iain Bruce’s own words to help me get a straight forward explanation of where parts of the apparatus could be located and what their functions were. At this time of writing it has been at most 3 months since I finished the video recording and I am little sketchy on some of the details but I will do the best I can to try and remember how I completed the project.

Iain Bruce (our tutor) was bringing us out of class in pairs to record our video recording. I was paired with Cherie and we used a MAC that had an inbuilt microphone and sound booth software to record the audio. After the audio was recorded we transfered it to Iain’s memory stick. After we recorded the audio we took it in turns to record and take pictures of the various features and apparatuses of a Sony DSR 250p camera with exact same kind of camera. I recorded all the parts we would be required to cover in the assignment including white balance, focus, 3CCDs and the Camera audio settings.

After I obtained the footage on cassette I returned to the classroom and Iain provided me a tape deck to transfer the footage to the MACs in the classroom. I also plugged Iain’s memory stick into the USB slots on the back of the MAC and transfered the recorded audio. When both sets of software were on the MAC I opened up Final Cut Pro and organised the software into video tutorial. I did this by moving and cutting up the video and audio using the software tools like the razor tool, which is used to cut up clips on the time line and the mouse tool which is used to move the clips around on the timeline. Eventually it all meshed together and produce my final product.

At the conclusion of this project I can safely admit that I am getting used to using the final cut pro software and hopefully by the end of the course I will have a far better understanding of the software and feel more confident when using it.


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