Documentary Production Diary


We discussed Ideas for the topic of our documentary. We all put forward Ideas and then we narrowed it down (after much debate) to the Youth culture of Conventry, their representation and what can be done to improve it. A lot of subjects were phased due to their contentious subject matter such as Racism and Nationalism.


After some heated contention and on the advice of Iain we changed our subject from youth culture to Parkour which a form physical movements that revolve around getting from a to b as fast as possible. It a very interesting physical activity that originates from France.


Today Iain spoke to us over difficulties surrounding parkour and suggested that we do something more within our reach so we switched again and decided on the legend of Lady Godiva. Cherie was announced as the director and has us research Lady Godiva on the Internet.


We conducted a budget plan on a spreadsheet and filled out a treatment for the project.


Traveled to Coventry’s herbert art gallery to obtain contacts. We got Martin Robert’s email and phone number.


contacted Martin Roberts Senior Curator at the Herbert Art Gallery by phone, Email and Physical visit, Currently awaiting response. Left contact details. Curator replies and approves, Sam emails reply with suggested interview time slot. We have also booked a camera for Monday next week.


We managed to get our interview with Martin Roberts. I asked the questions, Sam held the camera and Adam managed the sound. We got around 12 minutes of footage and are pleased with what we got.


Risk assessment was completed although we made the mistake of making it after we filmed. The captured footage was rendered and the editing has begun.


Adam, myself and Trina (support teacher) interviewed two middle aged women who gave us their honest opinions based on the questions that Cherie gave us. Then we interviewed a group of young men who were completely clueless and another young man who thought she was a women’s rights activist. Finally we interviewed a woman in her twenties who seemed quite knowledgeable and even recommended a fictional book called ‘Godiva‘. To record the dialogue we used an Olympus digital voice recorder, we are currently trying to convert the software so it will be compatible with MACs. To record the video footage we used a HVR Z1 camera.


we all collaborated on what scenes were gonna go where and how it would be edited. Sam and Cherie discussed directing specifics.


Sam uploaded the interview audio on to the documentary video and continued with his editing.


Sam completed the documentary and it was uploaded onto Youtube and I have a link to it on my account. We also had to get some photographs of the locations we visited during filming, we decided to to take stills from the documentary footage.


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