Video on demand

VOD is used to download and/or stream videos to a computer or a similar device so people can watch them whenever they want.

It is new way to broadcast films and TV to an audience digitally when they want it, It is quickly catching on.

VOD gives the viewers full control of what they watch and when, some are free such as BBC iPlayer and others charge like Netflix and Zune.

VOD is also known as internet TV, which is also referred to as “Catch up TV” it is a way of broadcasting TV programes over an internet connection. The viewers have the choice of either Stream programmes or Download them directly onto their PC or other device. Among the most popular internet TV providers are BBC iPlayer, 4OD and 5 on Demand.

I will be looking at one of these later in more detail.

People have been interested in the idea of Internet TV ever since the creation of modern internet but it never came to be until now when the technology has caught up with Idea and subsequently boomed.

Streaming is when a video is converted into a specific code that is put into a container bitstream which is them streamed continuously to a client computer(Audience).


Choice the viewer is given free reign to choose whatever they want to watch at any time, It’s free, Accessiblility is not a problem as it can be viewed on trains, boats and planes.


Loss of Advertising means they take a hit to the Broadcast provider’s revenue as people would rather have something for free than have adverts. You need a large bandwidth otherwise the progame could become disrupted by loss of connection, only recently have large Bandwidths become readily available. It will cost money to Set up, Run and Maintain in order to keep up with consumer demand. Illegal torrents will rob them of their profits, sites like tvlinks and surfthechannel are examples of torrent sites.



4OD is an internet broadcast service that offers Streams and Downloads of programmes from Channel 4, E4 and More 4 for 7 – 30 days after they are first broadcast, 4OD operates on Windows (XP, Vista, 7) Mac OS X and Linux and is available at, Virgin media, Talktalk TV, BT vision, Playstation 3 and iPAD although the number of days the programmes are available may differ between them.

According to Channel 4 recently (at this time of writing 14th November) reported that the number of 4OD users had gone up by 2 million and has shown a continued rise in viewing across all platforms from the 31 million recorded in the previous month, Hollyoaks is ahead in the popularity charts with 2.3 million views.

In general reported “Visits to online video sites grew by over a third in the uk over the past year, with 785 million visits to websites such as youtube in september alone”.


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