Questionnaire Proposal

For this Questionnaire I plan to look at audience reactions to advertisements and the controversy that surrounds some of them today. The questions I would like to ask will revolve around age, gender, lifestyle, Country of origin, sexual orientation and religion this will give me Quantitate data.

To carry out this research I will use Primary research techniques including questionnaires and interviews, I will also to other commercials on sites like youtube to get an idea on how they connected with audiences. I will also use the questionnaire to get specific opinions on certain commercials this in turn will provide Qualitative data.

I predict there will be some controversial adverts that will provoke strong responses from the audience but I also expect to receive reasonable and constructive feedback from them, I am giving these Media students a chance to express their opinions and I expect them to handle it in a constructive and mature way befitting their interest in the subject.

I will also hand out the questionnaire to College staff and my own family members to get a variety of responses from different age groups. I am expecting the older audience to give different responses from the college students, they may be a bit sensitive but they might also be a bit more constructive in their answers. Family responses would represent a general public stand point and they would probably be less insightful and constructive and base their opinions on emotional reactions to the adverts content.


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