Performance music video

Band performance video

ACDC = You shook me all Night long

The video is a mixture of interior stage performance and exterior black and white scenes. the Narrative is a man getting himself ready for the day, a women is also getting dressed and then looks out the window. the man walks through town to booze and then goes to the chemist presumably to get condoms. when the man approaches the woman’s house she beckons him in from the upstairs window. The man goes inside the house and up the stairs to where she is waiting for him. when he reaches her room he finds her in very revealing clothes riding a Rodeo bull machine then the wall behind her opens up to reveal a stage where ACDC is performing. the video continues with its suggestive themes with women in revealing clothes dancing and riding stationary bikes with ACDC performing, near the end it cuts from the stage back to black and white segments of the owner of the chemist gasping and mothers pulling men dressed as school boys into their homes (assuming they are trying to protect them from the sexual activity going on around them)


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