Music Video comparison

Cinematography is the way lighting and camera work are used in any visual medium like films and music videos.

types of lighting are High key and Low Key.

High Key = Is where the light is very even and consistent, nothing over lit or under lit. It is a very natural lighting effect like normal daylight. the colour is very clear and bright.

Low Key = Is a more surreal form of Lighting where are areas of bright light and pitch black in the same shot. it also uses light to create atmosphere like lime green to represent squalor and sometimes filth.

Michael Jackson’s Thriller is one of the most famous music videos ever made, it combined the talents of Michael Jackson as a performer and singer, horror icon Vincent Price and Director John Landis who is famous as the director of the Blues Brothers and American Werewolf in London.

the lighting is very Low key with an even balance of bright light and pitch black. the light is supposed comes from the moon, the cinema projection, cinema exterior billboards and Steet lights which is always focussed on Michael and his date. They are always in a dark setting whether its in the cinema, the street, the graveyard or the old house because we as an audience are led to believe that it takes place at night although it could have been filmed in the day within a studio.

they use a lot of fog effects to further nail down the dark and chilling tone of the setting, the zombies make up makes good use of shadows to make them appear more horrific. when the dancing scene takes place Michael stands out but his dancing just blend in with his movement.

The style of the video is very reminiscent of the Classic universal horror films in a contemporary way so the low key lighting fits perfectly here.

in Contrast Beyonce’s Halo music vid portrays a well lit series of rooms and underwater shots, it is definitely a High Key lighting style, the total opposite of Thriller.

Beyonce’s music video appears to have alot of natural lighting effects, even when underwater the scene is very well lit. there a very few shadows, even when the characters are facing away from the light their faces are well lit. The video also uses lighting to give the illusion that sunlight is coming through the windows.


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