Music video analysist

Meat Loaf I’d do anything for love

The story starts with the main character being chased by the police, he escapes and then the audience sees that he is a monster.

there is a beutiful woman whom the monster is in love with and observes at a distance but when light reflects off an amulet he is holding she notices him and he flees. the women gives chase and eventually follows him back to his lair.

at first he hides from her but eventually he sees himself in the mirror and becomes distressed and the women follows him into a room where they meet and talk(in the song).

the cops from earlier have tracked the monster to his lair and break in, the monster hears them and grabs the woman and flee where the woman makes the monster show her his face and he finds that she loves him regardless of the way he looks, then his face becomes normal and they ride off into the sunrise on a motorcycle together.


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