Codes and Conventions

Codes and Conventions of the News


The unwritten rules, what the audience expects when they watch this type of program.

“The accepted and expected ways of doing something.”

An example would be in news you as an expect to see someone smartly dressed seated behind a desk with a script and in more recent years a laptop in front of them.

The presenters will introduce themselves to the audience by looking directly looking at the camera and giving information such as the date, the time and the name of the programme.

Next we expect the presenters to get into the first Major Headline of the day and will continue through Lesser items, Soft news-Personal affairs, Sport and finally Whether.

Throughout the news you will notice at the bottom of the screen new headlines keep on rolling in to show that they are constantly up to date.


A series of visual and/or auditory things that imply meaning to an audience.

The News would use graphics depicting the world and/or the country it is based along with clips of various events from around the opening to BBC being a prime example.

The music used in the news intro often has a sense of urgency to grab the viewers attention and heighten the sense of importance.

The presenters will often be sitting upright slightly poised over their paperwork and/or laptop to professionalism which is expected from the audience, this could also count as a convention.

The presenters are positioned in front a green screen but the viewers see busy centre of activity which makes the news crew look more professional in the eyes of the viewers.

Music is never to convey any emotion in a news story because that would harm the objective nature of the news.


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