Camera techniques

this report is about camera techniques and technology, for the purpose of this article we will use the Sony Z1 camera.


the first thing  that needs to be covered is set the white balance. lighting plays a very big in filmaking and light can very depending on environment, White balance is used to make a digital camera recognize the colour white. To do this you must press the white balance button and the white balance icon should appear. Next zoom on something white like a sheet of paper for example, if your doing it right the white balance icon will begin to flash make sure you hold the button down while the icon is flashing. When the icon ceases to flash let go of the button and the white balance should be set.


Another way to make the picture either brighter or darker is to use the Gain button, however when in use Gain causes poorer quality in the video.

Shutter speed is how fast the shutters open and close to allow light to reach the camera’s 3CCD. There are 2 words that go along with shutter speed they are over exposer and under exposer, if its to slow and the image is blurred and jerky then it is over exposed, if the image is too dark then it is under exposed. To control the shutter speed there is a button with shutter speed above it, push this button to the number of times the shutters open and close per second, the higher the number the darker the image gets thus making it under exposed to low and its over exposed. There is a small silver wheel on the back end of the camera which can be used to adjust the shutter speed, push it up to increase the number push it down to decrease the number.

Aperture/Iris is the mechanism that controls the amount of light that reaches the 3CCD chips. To manage the Iris there is a button next to Gain with IRIS above it press the button, To the left of the Iris button there is a Silver wheel turning it anti-clockwise will begin to close the Iris allowing less light through and clockwise will open it up allowing more light in.


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